HSVG wholesome would like to recommend HELMIG’S Curcumin Tablet to consumers in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and South Korea.

This product is made by HELMIGS group. This pharmaceutical group was initially a Germany owned company "HELMIG'S" established in 1906. It has turned to be a cross-national operation which has R&D headquarters in Germany and manufacture factory in Indonesia. HELMIGS group has also been entering the sectors of dietary supplement in 1993.

The active ingredient in HELMIG’S Curcumin Tablet is curcumin extracted from Java turmeric. Hundreds of scientific studies have proved that curcumin brings benefits of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-cancer and liver protection. Human clinical studies conducted by university hospital in Indonesia showed HELMIG’S Curcumin Tablet helps relief of illness caused by hepatitis B and hepatitis C and promotes liver function of patients.