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HSVG stands for Hometown Sustainability & Vitality Guidance. It is a non-profit initiative of Guahan Global Foundation that strives to take good care of our health, our lifestyle and our mother earth.

With our mission, we have been focusing on regional issues related to health, sustainability and cultural diversity in the Western Pacific for years. During COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, we have broadened our horizon and offered our evidence-based advice on pandemic response through the media to the US and Europe.

HSVG is regularly conducting its Biba Project, which is the global vision of fostering cultural diversity. We would like to highlight the significant influence of culture in many fields and to support exchange programs between different cultures to eventually build cross-cultural friendships around the world.

HSVG also has Green Project encouraging people “Eat More Greens. Live Green More.” Eat More Greens is an advocacy of reminding people to take good care of their health and developing community health program to improve people's wellness. Live Green More is to build community partnerships of being eco-friendly, for example, having retail stores place recycling bins, or issue a money rebate to encourage customers to bring in their own reusable bag to help reduce plastic bag usage.

Thank you for visiting HSVG. Welcome to live your best life with us.