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Online showcase of documentary "Kulumaha"In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are co-organizing the online showcase of the documentary “kulumaha” 8:30 am May 14 Guam time. “kulumaha” is telling the story of Taiwan’s Vox Nativa Choir. Taiwan Vox Nativa Association started Vox Nativa Choir in 2008. The Choir's director Bukut Tasvaluan is an aborigine of the Bunun tribe. All of the choristers are aboriginal kids and majority of them are from the Bunun tribe, living beneath Mt. Jade in Nantou County. The kids of the choir are mostly from harsh families, but they are serious learners so that they sing well and the choir is getting popular around the world. Taiwan Vox Nativa Association aims to cultivate talented youngsters from minority ethnicity to become tribal role models and give back to the tribes. The association also hopes, through the choir, to preserve aboriginal music and have the whole world enjoy the voice from Taiwan. Please check out the trailer: https://youtu.be/4fxNOo42r5w Register your participation and get the streaming link:  https://ab12.eventbrite.com (Special thanks to 雙向影藝會社 TWo-Way Theater) http://www.hsvg.org/hot_460332.html Online showcase of documentary "Kulumaha" 2024-01-19 2025-01-19
HSVG misson P.O. Box 206, Hagatna, GU 96932, USA http://www.hsvg.org/hot_460332.html
HSVG misson P.O. Box 206, Hagatna, GU 96932, USA http://www.hsvg.org/hot_460332.html
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(March 17, 2021)

Free Arts Class Featuring Guam & Taiwan Friendship

Have you noticed that Taiwan Consulate General, officially known as Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) in Guam, is holding an art drawing contest and the theme is Guam & Taiwan Friendship?


To encourage more students joining this awesome event, our cultural diversity office, in partnership with artist Yeon Sook Park, Tamuning Mayor’s Office, “Taiwanese in Guam” Facebook group, Taiwan International Friendship Association, Han Cook Office, American Chocolate Factory, GNC Guam, Tasi Global Consulting, welcomes all students, ranging from elementary school to college, to join a free arts class as the following:


Time: 03/21/2021, Sunday, 3-5 pm

Venue: Tamuning Senior Center

Limited seats: 20

Please bring your own drawing materials

Wearing a mask is required

COVID safety protocol applied


How to reserve your seat?

Email to hsvg.alliance@gmail.com


For more info about the art drawing contest

Website: https://www.roc-taiwan.org/usgum_en/post/2438.html

Facebook page: Taiwan in Guam