MT Xlim Burn is one of the most powerful thermogenic formulas, inspired by well-known Hollywood physicians. It safely works to enhance metabolism, burn calories, curb cravings and booster energy levels at the same time.


Formulated using research proven ingredients, such as Cordyceps, green tea extract, apple pectin, brewer’s yeast, patented white kidney bean extract – Phase 2, Nelumbomucifera (leaf) and Cassia obtusifolia L. (seed), MT Xlim Burn enhances cellular energy utilization and promotes increased cellular metabolic activity.


MT Xlim Burn also helps balance blood sugar level and prevent from a metabolic disorder called insulin-resistance. Insulin-resistance causes body fat increase and belly fat accumulation. So, MT Xlim Burn really targets belly fat and brings the benefit of mid-body sculpt.

As you strive to sculpt a leaner body, MT Xlim Burn helps you feel energized and have a lean and toned physique. In addition to body sculpt underwear, try MT Xlim Burn. This body sculpt capsule can help you reach your goal.