(August 28, 2018)

To help people enhance fitness and wellness, HSVG officially starts a brand new program called TLC x TLC. This program combines “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes”, created by US National Institutes of Health (NIH), and “Total Lean Challenge”, developed by GNC, to guide people who want to develop body and promote health to properly reach their goals.

Our Green Project team, led by our nutritionist and Director of Public Health Office Edward Lu, has studied the both TLC programs mentioned above and tested the synergy of combining them for a couple of years. “What we found is the evidence-based educational information of Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes really motivated most participants to stay with GNC's 12-week Total Lean Challenge training. The synergy of healthy eating and physical training working together can help people not only lose fat and get a better physique, but also fix metabolic disorder and chronic inflammation to get healthier.” Lu said.

Based on our studies and experiences, we decided to officially encourage people to make a plan for GNC's 12-week Total Lean Challenge training and, at the same time, follow the guidelines provided by NIH's Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes program to eat healthy, increase physical activity, and reach weight-loss goal. You can find the details of the training and the program from the links below:

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes:

Total Lean Challenge:


(Photo: Screenshot of NIH on-line booklet)


(Photo: Screenshot of GNC TLC video)