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Guahan Global Foundation P.O. Box 206, Hagatna, GU 96932, USA http://www.hsvg.org/hot_179312.html
Guahan Global Foundation P.O. Box 206, Hagatna, GU 96932, USA http://www.hsvg.org/hot_179312.html
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We all want a life that's simple, complete and fulfilling. Now, GNC has a nutritional program that's just that. be-WHOLESOME conveniently provides you with the nutrients needed to keep you looking and feeling great - from complete multivitamin support to bone support to bone health, beauty nutrients and more - be-WHOLESOME has got it.

Daily Pak Includes:

be-WHOLE™ multivitamin & mineral: is specially designed to help you look and feel better. One daily dose provides you with the vitamins and minerals you need yo promote energy production so you can keep up with your busy schedule; antioxidants to protect your body against free radicals; and nutrients that support your natural immune system and overall health. Plus, it's Iron-free, so it's gentler on the stomach.

be-BEAUTIFUL™ hair skin & nail formula: delivers a unique blend of ingredients to help you feel as beautiful as you truly are! This formula is specially designed with essential ingredients, like biotin, amino acids and antioxidants, known for hair, skin and nail health.

be-FLEXIBLE™ mobility & stretch formula: when you're working out, support for stiff joints is a must. This fast-acting mobility formula features a clinically-studied blend of herbs shown to support joint flexibility and mobility and promote the body's natural ability to maintain joint structure and function.

be-PROTECTED™ triple strength fish oil: this omega-3 formula provides the essential fatty acids from fish oil to protect everything from your head to your toes. Omega-3s support brain, joint, eye and skin health. Not only that, essential fatty acids support your heart by promoting healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

be-Balanced™ bone strengthening formula: this multi-tasking bone health formula combines bone building calcium with vitamin D-3 to enhance its absorption. Plus this formula features clinically proven MBP®, an active protein complex derived from milk, to support the body's natural ability to build and maintain healthy bones. Whether you're 25 or 55, strong bones are the foundation of a healthy and balanced body.

Now with the help of be-WHOLESOME, it's simple for you to achieve your daily nutritional goals. Carry your daily pak in your purse, gym bag or pocket!