Corporation Info

Corporation Name:HSVG
English Name:HSVG


HSVG stands for Hometown Sustainability & Vitality Guidance. It is a non-profit mission that strives to take good care of people's health, people's lifestyle and people's environment.

HSVG is currently conducting its Wholesome Project. This project integrates world-class experts of R&D, manufacture, and retail management in vitamin, nutrition and wellness industry to certify products and services that conform to the world-class standards to successfully help people get relief, promote health and enhance quality of life.

Our Wholesome Project ensures that every batch of products it certified goes through an in-house quality control program to verify the bio-markers, heavy metals and microbiological counts to meet the specifications on the product's CoA (Certificate of Analysis). In addition, the quality of products is also guaranteed through HSVG wholesome's Quality Management Program (QMP), an independent quality assurance system, which combines ISO, GMP, HACCP and exclusive HSVG Auditing System.

HSVG also has Green Project joining community partnership of being eco-friendly, for example, having retail stores place recycling bins. The community green initiative is promoting retail stores issue a money rebate to encourage customers to bring in their own reusable bag to help reduce plastic bag usage as well.

In addition, HSVG has started its Biba Project, which is its global vision of supporting cultural diversity and healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to HSVG. Welcome to Live your best life with us.